Track, monitor, plan & analyze your in-the-field assets and resources, get essential data points that serve as vital input for Enterprise Decision Making

SatTracx is India’s 1st Cloud Based One-Stop, in-the-field Efficiency Enhancement Enterprise Product Suite. SatTracx removes the constraints of time, accessibility and space, when it comes to maximizing the benefits from your in-the-field resources and business processes. You can now monitor sales teams and fleet, access data and analyze your mobile asset and workforce round-the-clock, from phone or web. All the critical data needed to optimize fleet routing; scheduling and planning are now just a click away. The important instances like pilferages, driver’s safety, thefts and route deviations can now be captured on real time basis through SatTracx visuals and alerts. SatTracx is vital tool for Enterprises whose operation depends hugely on transportation. Enterprises for which SatTracx In-the field Suite can form one of the most essential pillars of operation are:

  • Enterprises that provide transportation services or
  • Enterprises that depends on raw materials obtained from a different location or
  • Enterprises that distribute its products to multiple centers spread in various locations
  • Enterprises that have Mobile Sales and After-sales Personnel
To these companies SatTracx in-the-field Suite can form one of the most essential pillars of operation.
Advantages of SatTracx Platform on the cloud to such clients are:

Reduced maintenance/support fees

Reduced hardware costs as no set-up infrastructure like server etc; is required at clients end

Reduced licensing costs

No additional cost for map and software upgrades

Reduced costs of Cloud

No monthly recurring costs for data migration and system reconfiguration