SatTracx Sales offers Sales Analysis and Customer Satisfaction Enhancement. SatTracx assists in sales analysis through its reports that contain vital inputs for performance assessment of sales personnel. In-the-field Sales personnel’s phone is given a unique ID that is used for real time monitoring and data collection pertaining to that particular individual. Through SatTracx Sales an enterprise can -

  • Get the attendance of the Sales person who is in-the-field
  • Obtain actual locations visited in specified time frame as against the stores that were planned for the day
  • Verify the sales person’s presence in certain location by matching the data with actual time of visit and the scheduled time of visit
  • Map dealer, store and customer locations
  • Get the Gap Analysis of Planned vs. Actual, for which the corrective actions can be planned
  • Use SatTracx sales as a tool for recognition and rewards to the outperforming individuals
  • Track individuals that detour from schedule or misrepresent facts

SatTracx Sales information also contributes in Customer satisfaction through:

  • Providing the best possible schedule for the day to cater to after sales services and sales calls that helps in ‘in-time’ delivery to the customer
  • Clients can use SatTracx solution to provide the service centre or Store location information, to the end customers through their call centers
  • Clients who transact in android based products can upload SatTracx and track sales of every smart phone sold in India through them in real time