Control your fleet from anywhere and at anytime. Get vital real time data, report and alerts about your in-the-field vehicles to make informed decisions and reduce the transportation costs.

SatTracx Fleet Management enables the business owners to manage, monitor and locate, each vehicle in the fleet in any part of the world. SatTracx tracking system apart from monitoring and reporting the vehicle movement is also effective in deterring employees from using company property inappropriately or illegally. Thus, this can lead to reduced costs and minimal overhead expenses, as well as the convenience in managing employees and mobile business assets.

Features of SatTacx Fleet Management

Quick Maps

Detailed, high performance maps that are proprietary of SatNav that have the capacity to display multiple assets at a time and support multiple hardware types available in the market.


Customized web reports based on required parameters can be created and sent through automatic email to the relevant personal in the enterprise, thus ensuring an intelligent action and swift action. SatTracx platform can give the stoppage time, movement time, geofence alerts, distance traveled, route traversed and other miscellaneous reports. These reports would enable the control on fuel expense, reimbursements and safety of the employees.

Speeding Alerts

Authorized stipulated speeds of the vehicle can be posted and any deviation from the posted speeds can be shown to the driver as well as the supervisor through the auto-alerts. Thereby ensuring that the driving speed compliance is followed.

Satellites Imagery to verify the vehicle location

SatTacx Fleet gives the most current and detailed earth imagery with new Landmarks and POI's updated and uploaded everyday.

Role based reporting Hierarchy

Reporting Structure and Projects are user-configurable with an unlimited number of sub-users, specific to the workflow of the enterprise. A typical hierarchy includes: Crew, Field Supervisor, Fleet Supervisor and System Administrator

API Integration

Increase user adoption by integrating SatTracx Platform with its patent pending APIs using standard web services, thereby enabling user to find the address by giving Lat-Long values, search the nearest POI in the selected category or find the distance between two posted points.

Turn-by-turn directions

When using navigation software on android based mobile or suggested hardware, the user can attain optimal route efficiency as our navigations software provides voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions and guides drivers to their assignments.

Landmarks and Geofence

SatTracx enables the Administrator to create markers for the required routes such that the relevant people/dispatcher will receive alerts, when the fleet driver breaks from his route