SatNav Technologies offers worldwide maps either through its own repository or through a network of partners

Millions of man-hours of effort over 10 years, in mapping and map development, has resulted in, highly skilled in-house expert mapping team and best-in-class mapping survey and digitization procedures for data collection and map compilation. As a result SatNav Technologies can boast of having one of the quickest map upgrades. SatNav is the largest digital Map data provider for India, Srilanka and Mauritius. SatNav through its detailed multiple categorized POI's and APIs can give you the most relevant data for the Location Based Services it offers

SatNav Maps for India cover

  • Several Million POI's
  • Thousands of Cities up to street level10 Lakh+ kilometers of National and State Highways

SatNav Maps: List of Categories include

  • Airport
  • Bar Or Pub
  • Cinema
  • Clubs & Golf Courses
  • Commercial Complex
  • Hotel Or Motel
  • Hotel Premium
  • Park/Recreation Area
  • Pharmacies
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping Malls & Centers
  • Shops & Businesses
  • Super Market Tourist Spots & Historical Places and many more divided into 207 categories of information