Track and manage in-the-field workforce in real-time to optimized the resources deployed and ensure safety through SatTracx mobile, an app for Android phones

Why a mobile application is best suited for real-time tracking of the work force –

  • Real-time location identification of the work force is possible as system identifies each person by his or her unique mobile number
  • No manual intervention and tweaking is possible on phone
  • Mobile application uses GPRS, so communication charges are very minimal

SatTracx Mobile Work Force management Suite aims at increasing the profitability of the Enterprise by increasing the efficiency of the pick-up and dispatch process.SatTracx Mobile Work Management Force tool

Optimizes the sales/dispatch persons travel time by minimizing route deviation

Gives the distribution schedule and monitors the same by real-time plan tracking tool

Tracks the movements for any non-business activities and

Alerts the relevant manager of any route deviation by referring to the marked Geofence