Lost Mobile Protection for Rs 199

Lost mobile protection is a mobile locator and tracking service that would help you when the mobile is lost somewhere. With SatTracx lost mobile protection we could tell you
  • The new number that is inserted in the  SIM
  • The approximate location of the mobile containing the new SIM

All you need to do is login into your account and raise a complaint or call our customer care number.

If your phone is a GPS phone, location might be accurate else the location would be approximate to 2 KMs based on the cell phone coverage. You could use this information either to call the person who took your phone or lodge a complaint with the IMEI number and the approximate tracking information received in the nearest police station or with your network service provider.

SatTracx lost mobile protection service is available for Symbian phones, Windows phones, Blackberry phones and Android phones

If you are not sure about the OS your phone has; you can select any of the below options

  1. If your handset is a Nokia handset you can know it by pressing *#0000#

If you have a Windows Touch Screen phone:

  1. Tap Start, tap Settings, tap System, and then tap About.

If you have a windows non-touch screen phone:

  1. Tap Start, tap Settings, and then tap About

If you have an Android phone

  1. Tap Home and hit Menu, Tap setting and then tap About Phone

If you are using blackberry handset “myver” as an SMS and hit enter to see the information on screen

Most of the phones now available in the market are made out of one or the other version described above; if you’re mobile is there with any Operating System listed above you can avail Lost Mobile Protection


The SatTracx Lost mobile protection software is free to download;