SatTracx MWM
SatTracx MWM

SatTracx MWM – Implementing Location Intelligence

Are you being misled by your sales team? No misleading when SatTracx MWM is with you

98% of the sales managers have nice stories to share about their sales people misleading them when they are on the field. Why to listen to them when you can track and have a report from SatTracx MWM.

Add SatTracx Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) to your existing work force management and track your sales people real time location and their movements. Take the help of location intelligence and find whether they met the schedule you designed.

We guarantee improvised service performance and faster service resolution when you have SatTracx MWM in your organization. You will feel the difference in just 1 month -- that’s our promise!!!

We will help you achieve it, rather than selling and walking out.

Key Features

  • Web based no server or hosting is required at your end
  • Can convert existing mobiles into tracking devices
  • We give a handsome price on mobile handsets that are direct from factory;
  • Can Track using SMS/Phone/Web
  • Real time reports stored for your use; (1 year data is stored)
  • Call Center support for scheduling and appointment; if you are not sure on how to do it from your web console
  • Field data is automated and stored for your ready reference
  • You can identify the perfect sales person for appraisals

Test and Buy: We know Indian customers; so we will install and inform you location for 2 times just for free; if you are satisfied, place the order with us; else we will hear from you on how to improve our service; Get yourself registered and install SatTracx MWM on your mobile for free.