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Thanks for purchasing SatGuide Tracker; in order to start tracking please follow these 3 small steps

  • Insert the SIM card (Preferably Airtel) with minimum Rs 150 balance, into the Tracker Device. (In order to know how to insert the SIM card Please refer to the user manual below)
  • Keep the device initally to charge for not less than 8 hours
  • If you have not created an account on SatTracx ; Register for free and create an account

Once you have done above 3 steps; call our customer care number at 09908375771 to have your SatGuide Tracker configured

Please note that every time SIM is changed the device has to be reconfigured again.


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Satguide Tracker
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Match box size, smallest form factor.
  • Very powerful GPS receiver , will receive signals in concealed conditions
  • Ideal for locating Kids/Elders/Pets/Vehicles/Field force
  • Works indoors even when the GPS signals are not available.
  • Simple and easy setup. Cables to connect to the car battery as a standard accessory for permanent harness of power.
  • Device has powerful magnets which can stick to any metallic surface. Does not need complex installation procedure.
  • Multipurpose usage

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