Child Phone

Feel Safe for your Child, Use the SatTracx Child Phone

Why is your Child Safer with SatTracx Child phone?
  • In an emergency the child can contact you by pressing a single button. Pressing the SOS button will generate SOS SMS messages to any of the 4 preconfigured numbers, so that appropriate and immediate action can be initiated.
  • Parents can know the location of the child. This is especially helpful in case of emergencies.
  • A child cannot call any other number that you do not authorize making it suitable for small children and young teens.
  • You can create a virtual fence for your small child, for example you can map the contours of your apartment building. If the child leaves the building you will receive a notification.
  • Signal is never a problem you can always contact the child. Superior signal reception. Accurate location determination even in partially concealed conditions. Parent can locate the child even when the GPS signals are not available; this is through GSM Cell tower triangulation technologies.

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