APIs offered

SatNav’s patent, easy-to-use APIs and web services generate dynamic maps, driving directions and help you in querying the location data at ease

SatNav has launched a suite of open-ended APIs that allow businesses and other location based applications to use the map data. This data can be used for enterprise level applications with a fraction of cost. All you require is an API key to access these web services. These APIs are handy for developers to program and integrate maps into web applications. These easy-to-use APIs and web services generate dynamic maps, driving directions and help you in querying the location data at ease.

The list of APIs developed by SatNav

Interactive Map API

Get interactive India map with an ability to switch on/off different layers based on the use. Get customized markers placed on the map for displaying locations. Control the map toolkit like zoom and drag features dynamically. Get the response for the map inputs dynamically. Map gets customized and becomes interactive as per your need.

Map Tiling API

Specify the latitude and longitude along with the zoom level you want to display for the map. View the map getting generated dynamically and getting embedded in the page.

Cell Tower API

Specify the Cell tower information and get the location information of the Cell tower present anywhere in India.

Geocoding API

Specify the address in the string format, and get the approximate value of latitude and longitude based on the availability of data.

Local Search API

Give us the latitude, longitude and the distance from that point in kilometers to get the nearest point of interest from various business categories (such as Restaurants, hotels, ATMs)

Reverse Geocoding API

Give us the latitude and longitude and we dig into our database and we will give you the location information like (lakeshore towers, somajiguda, Hyderabad). We can customize and add your POI's with the latitude and longitude specified, so that tracking can be made easier.

Mobile LocationLookup API

Locate the position of the mobile handset present at any point in time. This is used by one of the leading Mobile Handset players in India to track sales and enhance LBS offerings.

Neighbor API

Know the neighboring points of specific category identifying the current location and doing a search of near by related point of interests is done using this service. Promoters identify the search criteria for their business need and decide on the number of points that could be displayed, maximum being 10 to display it on their application. This converts an ordinary application as an LBS application.

Distance API

Identify the distance between 2 points Identify 2 points or properties that are spread geographically, sending the latitude and longitude of those points would give the distance between those 2 properties. This can be used to create a buffer zone for identifying the points near by to certain points.

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