SatTracx Routing

Ensure “on time” pick-up and “in time” delivery of materials/assets from/to the relevant centers across geography by clustering stores, planning routes and scheduling based on priority.

For many industries like FMCG, Oil and Gas, Cement, Logistics etc; time is of essence, either due to the perishable nature of goods or due to the dropping demand for material that needs to be deployed. An optimal routing ensures the timely pick-up and timely delivery of the materials/ assets, from or to, the relevant centers across geography. Through SatTracx Platform, dispatcher can plan the best route when there are multiple dispatch or pick-up points, saving huge time and fuel costs. When the navigation software is used with in-vehicle hardware or android phones, drivers navigate traffic by looking up alternate routes and getting the best route to visit multiple stops.

The three modules of SatTracx Routing are as follows

Cluster- Plan, analyze and create specific, geofence

SatTracx can display multiple assets in a single go, helps analyze stores/ centers that need to be grouped together as per the required parameters like, dispatch time, material etc; and create a Cluster. The preliminary grouping of stores is done based on their location parameters and then they are grouped based on other parameters like store importance, delivery details, day of visit etc.; this marked Cluster can be then geofenced. By deploying SatTracx Routing Cluster module the following business concerns can be resolved -

Where are my stores located?

How many vehicles in the fleet need to be deployed for what territory?

How many categories of stores/ center does the business have (based on parameters of time,       dispatch item, area etc ;)?

Is any driver misusing the vehicle?

Where are the pilferage points?

Keep your operations on track. SatTacx route planning helps in controlling fuel wastage & streamlining reimbursements.

The SatTracx Analysis Report gives the following -

List of Stores below certain specified kilometers

Average Number of kilometers from stores

Average distance from one store to another

Total number of stores within the cluster parameter

Distribution pattern for enhancing productive time and output with SatTracx Clustering and Routing      algorithms for optimizing the vehicle route

Hence SatTracx Planning Module is an answer to the following vital questions in a business operation

How many and what capacity vehicles for are required to covering the specified points or clusters?

Can we not schedule the vehicle movement, so that the frequency of trips can be reduced?

How can store visits be prioritized and aligned with the sales and delivery plan?

What is the average number of stores that are being covered based on the current geographical spread?

Optimal schedules that suit your specific needs and maximize the efficiency of fleet or workforce in the field. Research Says 65% of freight transport happens by Road and transportation costs account to 40% of total field expenses• 40% of Transport cost is because the plant and distribution centers are spread across the country. As per research done by IIMs, 67% of vehicles are traveling more than 100 KM in a day. SatTracx Scheduling module helps cut the cost and meet the time-lines by reporting the following-

Dispatch and pick-up time/ material report for all centers across geography

List of clusters based on various parameters

Distance between two stores or points

Fleet requirement based on timeline and capacity for each cluster

Order of visiting stores is given by the central team for each designated route

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