“To be one of the Top 3 IT Products companies from India by 2014”


“Be a Market Leader in all sales channels here, replicate in identified international markets via strategic partnerships”


Quality Policy
“Committed to excellence, the first time, on time, all the time,
by Continual Improvement, while ensuring Stakeholders satisfaction”


SatGuide products include;

  • Digital Map Data – Comprehensive India digital data. 50-50 Joint Venture with AND Netherlands to sell these datasets worldwide, as data or with products.
  • Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) – India’s 1st GPS Navigation devices offering navigation & entertainment with Bluetooth & Rear view camera
  • Tracking – Devices to track employees, children and assets, new products offer both outdoor and indoor tracking thereby increasing utility.
  • Phone Apps – Focusing on Smartphone tracking with SatTracx software. Partnership with Waze Inc of Israel offering free Navigation with Traffic Information for first time in India.
  • In Dash Devices, Black Boxes, Bluetooth Receivers and Navi Software – other products with huge potential, more details on
  • a-mantra Facilities Management product - Several large organisations use a-mantra, Manage Property, Space, Asset, Maintenance, Employee Services etc.
  • Business Efficiency Enhancement Software Products –
    • SatMarketing  – Micromarketing product with address geo-coding capability, identify target customers, analyze existing ones.
    • SatNavigator   – Distribution and routing efficiency improvement product leading to greater sales force efficiency and higher sales.
    • SatTracx         – Sales force routing for increased efficiency and work allocation

All products have good customer base, company has Diversified from GPS Navi to Entertainment, Tracking and B2B Products 

Management Team

Amit Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO, Entrepreneur with 16 yrs of experience, passionate about GPS & GIS enabled IT products. Widely recognized as a pioneer in the high end GIS, GPS and Navi business in India. For more details visit

Ajay Prasad, Co-Founder & Director, based out of the US. Decades of experience in GIS products and applications with global market leaders, credited with the design, development and launch of first touch screen GPS Navigation system and predicting its growth in the US        

Selvamuthiah S., Co-Founder & SVP, 17 years experience in Core GIS and IT sector. Part of the Core Team at SatNav since 2000, heads the B2B business & several strategic initiatives 

Arpitha Saineni, Co-Founder & GM, 13 years experience in HR and Admin. Part of the Core Team at SatNav since 2000, heads Support functions, Outbound sales & service 

Rajendra Prasad, Co-Founder & SVP, 15 years experience in GIS and Mapping. Part of the Core Team at SatNav since 2000, heads mapping & key business relationships 

Rajendra S., VP, Online & Web Technology, 18 years of experience in Internet, GIS & e-commerce applications. Joined the Core Team in 2005, heads the online and enterprise products initiatives 

Muneef Mirza, AVP, Sales, 14 years of experience in GPS sales. Joined the Core Team in 2007, heads the Channels business development across India and new product evaluation team 

In the current year 2011-12 each Business Leader has taken responsibility to drive sales in one allocated product area, so that the overall sum of everyone’s Product gives the total topline 

A powerful combination of experience, innovation and vision drives SatGuide! 


Board and Advisors:

Amit Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO

Ajay Prasad, Co-Founder & Director

Mohit Bhatnagar - Sequoia

Shailesh Lakhani – Sequoia